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Monday, December 11, 2006

What did you do last weekend?

There has been a long weekend this last week. How did you spend it? Well, I’m going to explain mine.

The start was very discouraging. It was raining since I woke up. This way, I can’t do anything during all morning. There wasn’t any special think planned, so it wasn’t a disaster at all.

Nevertheless the evening was quite good and I can go out. Also it’s true that doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not if you are in a disco or at a pub, but warm weather is always welcome.

There wasn’t Thursday morning because if you wake up at 2 p.m I thing that it’s afternoon already. This is the sorrow of being until late out of bed. Anyway Thursday’s afternoon was time for doing a bit of homework, not much sincerely.
Thursday’s evening is a good time for go shopping. But if you go to the centre of Barcelona is quite crowded.
However go shopping is always a relaxing activity, and it increases if you don’t have to pay the bills. A good dinner with a few friends is a good idea to end the day.

Friday is synonym of party always. A Friday isn’t a Friday if you rest at home. Unless you are in good company. That way it’s a good idea to be at home.
On the morning, is a good time for study a bit, tidy your bedroom if you don’t want to be throw out of father’s home.
Friday’s afternoon is when you have to get ready for going out. The best planning will be to go to a light session disco, from seven to ten more or less. Then you can you for dinner (not much expensive, because night can be long) Then you can go to a pub until twelve or one, for spend the hours basically. Then if your are of full legal age you can go to a disco for people like you. If you aren’t you can always try. And you can’t get into the majority of the times.

Saturday morning is always for rest. But unfortunately I had to gone to my uncle’s house and spend there all day. I didn’t recommend it at all.

And finally, Sunday is the day when you realized that you haven’t done anything during all the weekend. This is a very dramatically day. But always you can make it happy if you went out for a walk