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Saturday, May 12, 2007

.:Day Two:. Rome 1st day

When we finished the visit to Pisa, we continued our trip and we travel to Rome. We arrived nearly at 7 in the evening. We arrived at the hotel and we rest there a bit before dinner. We had dinner in a restaurant near the hotel. It was very late when whe finished so we decided not to visit Rome that night, and start the following morning. So we returned to the hotel in order to rest. But it was a trip with friends, and we wanted to entertain ourselves, so sleeping dissapeared of our vocabulary during those days.

In the morning, very early, at 6 o'clock, we woke up and we had breakfast at the hotel. We went to the coach later, and there was our guide waiting for us. She was a italian girl, who was with us during the three days that we spent in Rome. We did a a visit by our bus, by the main streets of Rome, famous squares, the city walls, gardens, famous buildings, etc. Our first stop was on Santa Maria la Mayor Basilica. It's was a very wonderful Basilica, very big, it's a pity not beeing a expert in art to explain you how it was. Maybe a photo expresses more. It was situated in a square where there were lots of street salers who sold souvenirs.

Our second stop was on the cathedral of Rome, I'm sorry for not remember the name of this basilica. It was much bigger than Santa Maria. When you get into you saw a very simple church, it was painted, well painted no, it was decorated with black and white marbles. In the two wings of the basilica there were sculptures of saints and apostles.

When we finished this visit we have lunck in a self-service in San Peter's square.

In the afternoon we visit the catacombs. It was a short visit. First a different guide explain us how the catacumbs were built and why. Later we get into them and we walked through them. A bit frightening visit in my opinion.

Finally we visited Saint's Paul basilica. It was also a huge basilica, with beautiful gardens. In the walls there were all the pictures of all Popes in History, starting in Saint Peter and finishing in the current one.

When the visit finished we returned to the hotel. We wanted to do a nocturn visit but it was raining so we did this visit the following day.


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