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Thursday, May 24, 2007

...4th stop....:.: Venice:.:.

The same day, we arrived at night to Venice. The hotel was in the outskirts of Venice, in another village. At night we went to the city. We went with our coach to a quay. There we had a Vaporetto for us wich the agency had contracted before. This ship carried us through the Gran Canal to San Marcos' Square. We enjoyed a lot the travel by ship. We were really surprised of how a city can be construct in the sea. Whe arrived at San Marcos's square and we had and two hours to have a walk around there. We stayed at the square, and in the nearest streets, walking and making a lot of photos. Later we had to return to the hotel.

The next day we returned but the travel with ship, was in a bus ship, not a private one like the night before. Unfortunatelly there was a light rain and we can't travel by gondola. We visited the cathedral, and we had all the morning to visit the city in our own. Later we had lunch in a restaurant. We ate a lasagne which was fantastic. When we finished we started our trip to Barcelona

.:: Florence ::.

Our third stop was on Florence. We arrived there at about 6 in the afternoon and the first that we did was a bus sightseeing through the city. Later we arrived at our hotel. We were very tired so we decided to sleep that night and we didn't go out. The next morning we visited the city. We saw the main monuments as the cathedral, the Baptistery, the Ponte Vechio, Piazza di la Sinyoria, etc. We enjoyed a lot this visit because Florence is wonderful. Later we had free time to buy souvenirs and visit the city our own. So we went to a street market and we enjoyed a lot buying souvenir, clothes, etc.

Later we returned to the hotel in order to lunch. Later we caught the coach one more time to get to Venice who was our four stop in this trip.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Last day in Rome

Our last day in day in Rome
was in the Vatican City too. It was wednesday so we had an audience with the Pope. We get there wery early to have good seats. We were there from 8.30 and the audience started at 10.30.

We had the oportunnity to saw the Pope very closed and we were really exciting. After he finished his route around Sant Peter's square the audience started. . It wasn't too long at about and hour and a half. At the end of the audience, the Pope named all the schools, religious associations, parishes.. all over the world, who were there. When he said the name of our school we started to shout very loud.

When the audience had finished, we had a little free time to buy. Then we had lunch and later we caught the coach to Florence, who was our third stop.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

.: Day 3:..:Rome 2nd day:.

In. our second day in Rome we visited the Vatican We had to get up very early because our first visit was to the Vatican Museums and it’s always full of people. So at 8.30 we were on the queue. We visited the main galleries of this museum, whe saw lots of paintings and sculptures of the most known italian artists. The final building that we saw was the Sixtine Chapel, which didn’t shocked me a lot. People who visited it before me said that it was fantastic, but I liked more other galleries of the museum.

When we finished the visit to the museum we went to saw the Pope’s graves.Later on we visit San Peter’s square and of course the Basillica too. The basilica was very big, full of famous paintings. It has a few little chapels who were really amazing. There we can saw also it’s huge dom. Later we walked through St. Peter’s square and we went to lunch.

In the afternoon we visited the Coliseum.Some relatives told me that they were disappointed with this monument, because they thought that it was nicer, and it was very ruined. I disagree completely with this opinion because I was really amazed with the Coliseum. I think it very wonderful outside but if you get into and you saw it inside, I think that it’s more wonderful. It’s true that it’s ruined, but it’s because it’s too old, and has been abandoned. But instead of this I think it’s one of the nicer buildings I saw.

Later we visited the Trevi Fountain.
I was really amazed of this monument because you are walking through narrow streets of this city and you arrive to an a small square where this monument is built. There we made our wishes.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

.:Day Two:. Rome 1st day

When we finished the visit to Pisa, we continued our trip and we travel to Rome. We arrived nearly at 7 in the evening. We arrived at the hotel and we rest there a bit before dinner. We had dinner in a restaurant near the hotel. It was very late when whe finished so we decided not to visit Rome that night, and start the following morning. So we returned to the hotel in order to rest. But it was a trip with friends, and we wanted to entertain ourselves, so sleeping dissapeared of our vocabulary during those days.

In the morning, very early, at 6 o'clock, we woke up and we had breakfast at the hotel. We went to the coach later, and there was our guide waiting for us. She was a italian girl, who was with us during the three days that we spent in Rome. We did a a visit by our bus, by the main streets of Rome, famous squares, the city walls, gardens, famous buildings, etc. Our first stop was on Santa Maria la Mayor Basilica. It's was a very wonderful Basilica, very big, it's a pity not beeing a expert in art to explain you how it was. Maybe a photo expresses more. It was situated in a square where there were lots of street salers who sold souvenirs.

Our second stop was on the cathedral of Rome, I'm sorry for not remember the name of this basilica. It was much bigger than Santa Maria. When you get into you saw a very simple church, it was painted, well painted no, it was decorated with black and white marbles. In the two wings of the basilica there were sculptures of saints and apostles.

When we finished this visit we have lunck in a self-service in San Peter's square.

In the afternoon we visit the catacombs. It was a short visit. First a different guide explain us how the catacumbs were built and why. Later we get into them and we walked through them. A bit frightening visit in my opinion.

Finally we visited Saint's Paul basilica. It was also a huge basilica, with beautiful gardens. In the walls there were all the pictures of all Popes in History, starting in Saint Peter and finishing in the current one.

When the visit finished we returned to the hotel. We wanted to do a nocturn visit but it was raining so we did this visit the following day.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Origin: Barcelona -- Destination: Pisa

We started our trip the 24th of March. We caught the coach that took us during all the trip. It was 7 o’clock in the afternoon and we left our city to set course to Pisa. The journey was very long. We spend at about 15 hours to arrive to Pisa. Nevertheless it wasn’t boring because we enjoyed ourselves talking, playing or watching films in the coach.

We arrived to Pisa at 10 in the morning. It’s was a pity that it was raining a bit and we couldn't saw it much. However we visit the most important monument as the Duomo, The Baptistery and the leaning tower of Pisa. When we saw them, we had a little free time to buy souvenirs and we enjoyed haggling with the street salers.

To be continued

Travelling around Italy

I’ve decided to write you about my trip to Italy. This trip was very long, and I have lots of things to explain, so I will tell the full story in a few posts.

I hope you enjoy them as me

Monday, December 11, 2006

What did you do last weekend?

There has been a long weekend this last week. How did you spend it? Well, I’m going to explain mine.

The start was very discouraging. It was raining since I woke up. This way, I can’t do anything during all morning. There wasn’t any special think planned, so it wasn’t a disaster at all.

Nevertheless the evening was quite good and I can go out. Also it’s true that doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not if you are in a disco or at a pub, but warm weather is always welcome.

There wasn’t Thursday morning because if you wake up at 2 p.m I thing that it’s afternoon already. This is the sorrow of being until late out of bed. Anyway Thursday’s afternoon was time for doing a bit of homework, not much sincerely.
Thursday’s evening is a good time for go shopping. But if you go to the centre of Barcelona is quite crowded.
However go shopping is always a relaxing activity, and it increases if you don’t have to pay the bills. A good dinner with a few friends is a good idea to end the day.

Friday is synonym of party always. A Friday isn’t a Friday if you rest at home. Unless you are in good company. That way it’s a good idea to be at home.
On the morning, is a good time for study a bit, tidy your bedroom if you don’t want to be throw out of father’s home.
Friday’s afternoon is when you have to get ready for going out. The best planning will be to go to a light session disco, from seven to ten more or less. Then you can you for dinner (not much expensive, because night can be long) Then you can go to a pub until twelve or one, for spend the hours basically. Then if your are of full legal age you can go to a disco for people like you. If you aren’t you can always try. And you can’t get into the majority of the times.

Saturday morning is always for rest. But unfortunately I had to gone to my uncle’s house and spend there all day. I didn’t recommend it at all.

And finally, Sunday is the day when you realized that you haven’t done anything during all the weekend. This is a very dramatically day. But always you can make it happy if you went out for a walk

Monday, October 16, 2006


Probably you aren’t an only child, so you have any brother or sister. But, what are the advantages and the disadvantages?

One the one hand we have the advantages. Having people next to you, makes you feel better. You know that if you have any problems there will be someone to listen to you and to help you.

When you are a child it is funny to have a friend for your games, to enjoy your childhood. If you sibling is older than you, he will protect you and teach you in anything.

On the other hand there are the disadvantages. A sibling can be annoying, if you don’t have the same interests, if you have opposite characters, or simply you can’t support the other person.

Some people think that having a brother or a sister makes that the parents love more one child and maybe the other is a bit rejected, and this can be a problem. I think that this statement changes from family to family. . All of them are different.Most of large families love all their children equally.

In my opinion I think that good things that having a siblings have, are more important that the disadvantatges. So having someone near to you is good. I don't say that beeing an only child is bad, everyone can be happy with or without siblings.